Save money, how to change a cylinder or a lock.


Want to know how to change a cylinder or a lock, it may sound strange, but there are techniques in changing a euro-profile cylinder or some other type of locks, why pay a fortune by calling out a locksmith when the job is easy to do yourself.

We do not say that you can fit or change every lock on the market..BUT there are plenty of locks on the market which can be changed by the average person, without paying a fortune.

The best way of saving money is to buy the lock you require from our buy a lock page at really good prices we will send a lock to anywhere in the UK. All you need to do is send us details of the lock you require by email, see link below and we will return an email with castings of the lock or locks, if the cost meets your approval we will send you the lock required, if you have a product code of the lock, this will be even better, any locks can be paid by credit card or PAYPAL.

We will send with the lock any instructions required to fit or replace the locks.

If you want to buy your locks from your local wholesaler, then just email our company and NORTH LONDON LOCKSMITHS will give any advice FREE. We cannot be fairer than that. through this link to our contact page and we will email you details of how to fit the lock or locks.