London bars secure the door frame.. BUT..must be fitted correctly.


London bars are a fantastic security prevention item..BUT..must be fitted correctly.

They must be a snug fit around the keep, if they are to do their work correctly.

The bar which protects the locking side of the frame, if fitted correctly, helps prevent the door frame from splitting and the rim lock keep from being ripped off.

A Birmingham bar is a bar which is fitted to the hanging side of the door, it helps protect this side of the frame from splitting on forced entry.

These is a purpose made bar which must fit snuggly around the keep, it helps protect the keep and the frame from damage when forced.

Here at North London Locksmiths Ltd. we have been fitting security bars to door frames for the past 30 years and know how secure they can be.

Our carpenters and locksmiths know the benefit of these bars and would recommend fitting them at all times.

They come in a variety of sizes, depending on what lock are fitted and are now purpose made by a company called Kickstop, these are the bars we fit.

We supply and fit these bars for at a very reasonable price. But do not forget, whatever you spend on security is money well spent.

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