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What is a Deadlock? 
They are required by Insurance Companies, to secure your premises, somewhere in your Insurance policy, it will state that a 5 lever Lock, or a British Standard Lock is required, to be fitted to all entrance doors.
A mistake made by most people are  Chubb Locks are the only mortice lock on the market, there are many other branded locks.
Here at North London Locksmiths Ltd. we supply and fit all makes of Mortice Locks, as well as other types of locks.

A Deadlock or deadbolt, is a lock that operates using a key or turn knob. When the key or knob is turned it activates a deadbolt that locates into a door frame keep and keeps the door shut, the only way to open it, from the outside, is with a key.

A mortice lock is a lock that is fitted in to a hole in the side of a door, the word mortice refers to the hole in the door in which the lock is fitted. These types of locks are most commonly found on wooden doors and are more popular in the UK and Europe. A mortice lock is often refered to as a ‘Chubb’ type lock by people in the UK, since Chubb has become the brand leader for this type of lock during the last few decades.

Mortice locks can be deadlocks or sashlocks (sashlocks incorporate a handle and latch mechanism, normally found on back doors) and can be devided in to 2 categories:


Lever Mortice Locks and Cylinder Mortice Locks

 Lever Mortice Locks

These locks are the most common type of mortice locks fitted to domestic properties in the UK, the majority of lever mortice locks are very similar in their workings. A key is inserted in to the lock which when turned will lift levers to the correct height enabling the bolt to be locked and unlocked.

Lever Mortice locks can have a different number of levers depending on the application and thickness of doors, generally the more levers that are stacked in the lock case the thicker the lock becomes. More levers means more key differs, so it is less likely that another key will open more than one lock. A lock fitted with 5 levers is also more secure than a lock fitted with 2 levers.

A good way of checking to see if you currently have a British Standard lock fitted, as most insurance companies in the UK now stipulate that any final exit doors are fitted with at least 1 BS3621 lock, is to check for the British Standard kite mark. Which will be stamped on the faceplate of the lock on the edge of the door

 Cylinder Mortice Locks

These locks are different to lever locks as a cylinder is used to throw the bolt rather than inserting a key in to the lock. They are more commonly found on commercial premises, although increasingly more people are now having them fitted to their homes as they offer more flexibility with master suites and restricted keys. Cylinder mortice locks are normally fitted with a euro profile cylinder or an oval profile cylinder, which can be key operated from both sides of the door or can be key operated from one side of the door and locked and unlocked with a thumb turn from the other side.

Such as the Chubb/Union 3G114e to the right, or the Chubb/Union 3G110 Mortice Lock, below that.

The point of this locking device is that it prevents burglars from entering your home by slipping a lock, as a deadbolt, cannot be slipped, they will have to destroy the frame, to enter your premises, which creates noise or, find another way in and as you will have all your doors and windows secured by good locks, as your Insurance policy states, they will have to go to someone else’s home, which is not so secure. 

With the introduction of the Egress Deadbolt locks, which allow communal doors to be fitted with a British Standard lock, thus complying with all your Insurance Companies requirements.

The Egress lock is a lock which is operated with a key from the outside but, can be opened from the inside with a turn knob, this means in the event of a fire or being locked in between a flat door or a front door, an exit path is easily obtained.

An example of this is the ERA Fortress Egress Deadlock.

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Apart from the Deadlock for a front door, there is the 3 lever locks, which are meant for interior wooden doors, where high security is not needed, remember a sash lock also  has a deadlocking action bolt, underneath the latching action, these are fitted, where a door is needed to be latched, so that the door does not swing open,  These locks are normally found on lounge doors, bedrooms and offices, in commercial premises.

As well as supplying and fitting any Deadlock to a front door our qualified CARPENTERS and fully qualified LOCKSMITHS will also supply and fit Mortice Locks to interior doors, as well as supplying and fitting new doors.

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